Determination of Misconceptions Belonging to the “Solar System And Beyond: Space Puzzle” Unit ın 7 th Grade Science and Technology Curriculum with Two-Tier Diagnostic Tests



Today’s World is in period of rapid development of science and technology. There is science and technology education that not based on rote, practical on the basis of development in science and technology. Misconceptions are a major obstacle in order to take the desired efficiency. Because concepts that learned wrong obstacle attainment of right to information and thus prevent production of the right information. The purpose of this article; using two-stage diagnostic tests is to reveal student’s misconception how to exhibit and student’s misconceptions are to exhibit '' The Solar System and Beyond: Space Enigma'' unit of instructional program of Science and Technology lesson of 7th. grade elementary school. The standard testing methods from the descriptive research methods was used ın this study. In result of the research students have some of misconceptions have been identified by two-stage diagnostic test.

Key Words: Science and Technology, Misconceptions, Two-Stage Diagnostic Test.

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