Ali Doğan Bozdağ, Kübra Eren Bozdağ


Scientists mainly use a few presentation techniques to share their work with their colleagues during congresses and symposiums. Each method of presentation has advantages and disadvantages. To combine the advantages of each presentation technique, a new presentation type ‘‘videoposter’’ was conceived. Videoposter possess maximum possible audiovisual presentation features without any time limitation. Several posters have been presented at different congresses since 2007 using the ‘‘videoposter’’ technique, and they received many poster awards. The videoposter presentation is able to display any video or a slide show or hundreds of pictures continuously throughout timeframe required. Initially, a portable DVD player was used in the videoposter presentation. Subsequently, a digital photo-video frame was favored instead of the DVD player, and the digital frame was put in a white box and hanged on the front side of the poster. Thus the montage was completed in more practical way than before and an esthetical appearance was achieved by virtue of the white box in front of the poster.

Keywords: Congress, science, poster presentation, oral presentation, videoposter

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