Gizem Saygılı


It is important to determine and develop problem solving skills of gifted and talented children, who have different emotional characteristics compared to peers, in terms of using their potentials at the highest level. In this research, which was done with the aim of determining self sensations of gifted and talented children in problem solving skills,it was examined if gender and grade level variables create differences on sensations for problem solving skills of gifted and talented children. The study group of research that was done by using Survey method is made up of 100 students who attended Sivas Science and Art Center in spring term of 2010- 2011 Education year. As a data collecting tool in study, “Problem Solving Inventory for Children” that was developed for primary school students by Serin, Bulut Serin & Saygılı (2010) was used. Inventory (ÇPÇE), its Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient is 0.80, is made up of three factors, “Confidence”, “Self-control” and “Avoidance” and 24 items in total. Collected data was analyzed by using SPSS 12.00 programme. In this context, “t”, “F”, “schefee” tests and “correlation analysis” were applied. As a result of study, according to the findings, it wasn’t found any significant differences between total point of gender, grade levels, problem solving skill sensation and point avarages of subscales.

Keywords: problem solving, gifted/talented students

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