Geometric models and geometric samples take an important place in mathematics teaching (Sherard, 1981). In mathematics teaching, students gain permanent acquisitions thanks to discovering and generalizing by introducing geometric shapes and by making students grasp them. One of the main objectives of geometry teaching is to be able to explain geometric shapes’ congruency and similarity by comparing them. Congruency and similarity of triangles is among the subjects which has been studied on since the beginning of geometry, it is as old as geometry itself (Baykul, 2009). Lots of teaching methods can be used in teaching the congruency and similarity situations of triangles. Students best learn this subject through exploration. Creative drama, one of the contemporary teaching methods, allows student to explore. Geometry teaching through creative drama, a teaching method, is the main focus of this study. In the study, creative drama practices were carried out aiming at two acquisitions pertaining to geometry learning area congruency and similarity sub learning area in 7th grade mathematics subject. In the study, the purpose is to put forward the applicability of creative drama in mathematics teaching. The study is a private case work and, workshop plan and an assessment form composed of 4 open-ended questions, which were developed by the researcher, were used as data collection tools. Descriptive analysis method was used in the analysis of the data. The practices were carried out with 41 students attending Samsun Gazi Primary School in the second term of 2012-2013 academic year. Within the scope of the practices, 21 students treated the subject via creative drama practices, while the other 20 students treated the subject via traditional method. In consequence of the application, it became apparent that the students in the creative drama group could better understand the processes of forming congruency and similar polygon, deriving polygon, forming a polygon similar to a polygon than the traditonal group. As a result, it was concluded that it is positive for the acquisitions pertaining to congruency and similarity sub learning area to be provided via creative drama.

Keywords: Creative Drama, Geometry Teaching, Mathematics Education, Mathematics Teaching.

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